Scary Maze Game App

Scary Maze Game is a popular prank game available online, which can be played on multiple platforms. The reason for its popularity is that the player can scare their friends using the game. Initially, the game was released only as a flash based model that was playable on flash player equipped browsers. However, now a pocket version of the game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Below mentioned are some of the important features of Scary Maze Game app:

  • The game maintains a decent level of surprise element due to which you are unable to realize when the game is going to scare you.
  • The maze levels are progressively difficult, which will look as if you are playing a regular maze game.
  • The great scare is planned very carefully. As soon as you are going to complete the final level, a monster appears on the screen and screams on top of his lungs.



Here are some recommendations for users who wish to trick their friends with Scary Maze app:

  • Never reveal any part of the great scare to your friends as it will make them prepared and you cannot capture their actual reactions.
  • Make sure your friends play the game with lights out and earphones on so that scare level can be maximized.

The game is available as a freeware on Android platform and requires 2.3 or greater version of Android for installation, which makes it playable even on basic android phones.

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