Play Force 1

Are you fond of playing war-like games? Do you love playing as a police or soldier who is in action? If you like shooting games, Strike Force Heroes 1 is a must-try game then. Your main goal is to shoot all enemies along your path.


In Strike Force Heroes 1, before beginning the action, you will be asked to name the player and choose the soldier you prefer. There are four kinds of soldiers: the Medic, the Assassin, the Commando and the Tank. You can choose a color for each soldier. Each kind of soldier has his own statistics which includes health, critical, aim and ammo. And each soldier is better than the other in some aspects and in some game modes.

In the Main Menu, you will find the Play button, Soldiers, Options, Medals and Tips. After choosing the Play panel, you will see three game modes to choose from: Campaign Mode, Challenges and Quick Match. There are fifteen stages in the Campaign Mode. There are also fifteen stages in Challenges. It is advised that you play the Tutorial first before engaging in the Challenges. And in the Quick Match, there are five game modes to play: the Deathmatch, the Juggernaut, the Team Deathmatch, the Capture the Flag and the Domination. You can play with a family or friend in Quick Match. However, you will also be advised to take the Tutorial stage first.

There are more than sixty five weapons that you can find in the game. You will unlock a wide range of weapons every time you finish a mission. Your soldier can carry two weapons in every stage. Equip your soldier in the Soldier Menu with your ideal weapons. Aside from weapons, you will also have to unlock the Skills and Killstreaks by leveling up your soldier. There are also nine medals to collect. You will be awarded by a medal if you had performed what is being asked for.

Your soldier becomes tougher as you level up. But it would be wise to stick to one soldier as you play so you can level up faster rather than leveling up anew every soldier. Killsteaks and skills unlock once your soldier reaches the required level. Play Strike Force Heroes 1 to discover more about the game.

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