Play Duck Life 3

If you love animals and you like racing games, indulge in playing the Duck Life game series. you will surely enjoy training your duckling in various skills in the aim to win world titles. Your skills and patience will be put into test too.

It all started when a farmer lost everything to a strong tornado. Only one duck egg was left by the devastation the farmer thought of training the duckling to join the prestigious duck races in their place. His patience and perseverance paid off when his duckling won first place. He was able to restore his farm and livestock. Having a taste of winnings in the duck races, the farmer continued to train his duckling in Duck Life 2. He trained his duckling not only the skills of running, flying and swimming. He also trained it in the skill of climbing. And this time, he also conquered the world title.

In the third sequel, Duck Life 3, the farmer had somehow modified the duck eggs he is selling. It could have been due to the seeds he is feeding his ducks. These ducklings were born with natural skills. Some learns running easily, some are better in swimming, some in flying and others in climbing. And since there are no prohibitions of joining the races regarding modified ducklings, you can have your duckling join all available races or tournaments.

Train your duckling in running, swimming, flying and climbing. Collect coins as you train. Use these coins to buy seeds to feed your duckling to increase energy levels. You can also use these coins in buying apparels and even a new duck egg which you can also train. When you join races, you are allowed to change ducklings at the end of each part. There are three parts to each race. When you win first place, you unlock the next league.


As you train and join races, try to complete the Achievements too. There are ten Achievements to triumph. Take note though that achieving them gets harder as you advance. Visit to know more about Duck Life 3 Evolution and play it for free as well as the other installments.

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