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Do you enjoy playing exhilarating games? Try the Vex game series and challenge yourself to finish all games with all Achievements or Trophies collected. Help the stick figure to get through every stages while running, jumping, climbing, sliding and swimming. It will surely give you adrenaline rush as you go through all the levels passing through deadly obstacles.

Some would advise you to play the game from the last installment down to the first, so the first version would be an easy eating peanut game for you. However, it would be more fun to play from the first to the last so not to spoil the fun.

All installments begin with a Tutorial stage. In this stage, you will be familiarized with the controls of the game. You will also be given an idea of what to expect as you play. There are also checkpoints placed within every level. The game will bring you back on the last checkpoint you have run over in case you die. In the first installment, you will only go through eight Acts or levels. There is also a Credit Stage at the end of the game. In Vex 2, you will go through nine Acts. More deadly obstacles are added in this installment. In the third sequel which is also the longest, after getting through ten Acts, you have to pass through nine Challenge levels. And just like in the second installment, more lethal obstacles were scattered along your way.

In the second installment, Achievements were added for additional challenge to players. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Some of these Achievements are automatically completed as you play the game. But for some, you need to play over again while keeping in mind how to complete them. In Vex 3, Achievements were replaced by Trophies. There are forty Trophies to collect. The first few are easy to achieve. However, the higher the trophy category, the harder they are to attain.


You might find some games like Vex over the internet. Yet, the excitement and fun Vex games bring will not be surpassed by any of those. Play the game now and see for yourself.

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