Earn To Die 2 is totally for free

The Earn To Die game series is one of the most successful zombie games online. And unlike other zombie games, there is no violence or gross scenes shown in the game. There are no foul words either. These are reasons why even children can play the game.

In the first Earn To Die game, your town was invaded by zombies. You were one of the few survivors. You saw a helicopter from afar. However, you need a vehicle to get to where the helicopter is not only because of the great distance but also because zombies are everywhere. You need to drive through these zombies to kill them. Play Earn To Die 2 for free and experience more action and adventures with zombies.


In the second edition of the game, a video showed that you have reached the helicopter just in time. Unfortunately, when it took off, hordes of zombies had taken it down. Once again, you have to think of a way to escape those horrible zombies. You can play Earn To Die 2 for free.

Finding a map, you saw a safe haven not too far. Yet, you will need a tough vehicle to drive towards that place. Just like in the first Earn To Die, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven and finish the game. You start off with the Beginner Car. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, you should upgrade your vehicle for better performance. There are several parts to upgrade in your vehicle: the engine, transmission, fuel tank, armor, wheels and boost. Upgrading these parts will make your vehicle perform better.

You cannot get to the safe haven using the Beginner car even when fully upgraded. It is inevitable to buy the second and the third vehicle. The second vehicle will not get you to your destination as well even when fully upgraded. But since it is stronger and better than your first car, it will help you earn more and get the third vehicle sooner. You can play Earn To Die 2 for free at its fan sites.

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