Cheats for red ball 4

Are you looking for an enjoyable adventure game? A game that could give you adrenalin rush but not a heart attack? Then play the Red Ball game series. Each adventure will surely give you excitement and fun.

Each installment is packed of exciting adventure. Just like in Red Ball 4 volume 1, you play as the cute Red Ball who has just found out about Black Square’s evil plans. He is planning to turn all red balls into red squares. By doing such, he will rule the world together with his black square minions. It is now your goal to stop his evil plan and at the same time rescue all those poor red balls.

Help Red Ball roll in the grassy hills and jump when needed with the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. You need to reach the end of each level where you will find a red flag. It will not be an easy journey. On your way to where Black Square is, you will face various obstacles including meeting black squares. Make sure not to be in touch with those mean black squares or else you will die. But you can jump on them instead to kill them and add points to your score. You also need to collect all the golden stars along the way to get higher score. There will be instances that you will need the rocks or wooden crates on your way to be able to jump on higher places or to jump and reach the star.

As you play, you can also earn Achievements which will boost your score. There are sixteen Achievements for you to earn. Some of these Achievements are quite hard to gain while others are rather easy. Challenge yourself to get all sixteen Achievements.


There are fifteen levels of adventure in Red Ball 4 volume 1. You have three lives to play the entire game. So, be careful not to die. But not to worry, even if you lose all three lives, you can still play from where you left off. And if you find a level or two a bit hard to surpass, you can find walkthrough and even cheats of the game in the internet. Play and enjoy the game at

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