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Defeat the Group of Opponents in Electric Man 3

If you are a fighting game lover, then you must have played Electric Man. This is a game, which is full of adventures. After the success of Electric Man 2, it has released Electric Man 3. Yes, you can enjoy this fun version anytime! Why don’t you visit for more details!
Electric Man 3 has come up with more exciting features. Before starting the game, customize the character according to your choice. You have to play the role of Electric Man and defeat you opponents. Actually, you have to defeat different groups of opponents and for that, you have to use powerful moves. There are different exciting levels and you can also enjoy the tournaments. Electric Man 3 is going to amaze you with its improved graphics. Sound quality of the game increases the excitement. Losing battery points may irritate you but hopefully creator will solve this problem in his next version.

The Challenges of an Uphill Rush game

Playing flash games online is a very interesting experience. If you are avid internet gamer, then you will have to try one of the most popular racing games, Uphill Rush game. This is a very thrilling game which will help you prove the racing skills. Play here If you are a true lover of racing games, then uphill rush will have you enjoying every minute over the internet while racing. Computer games are very interesting and so is uphill rush games. You can play the game with little difficulty by use of soft controls which include the up and down arrows as well as the side arrows. Using the space bar key, a player can jump the obstacles on a track and continue racing. Accelerating and decelerating makes the game very real and enjoyable throughout. The loops may be confusing and tracks could prove daunting though entertaining. Try the game now for free from various websites.

The Adventurous Zombie Survival Outbreak

Looking for new challenges in online gaming? Well, a good test for you could be a thrilling Zombie game. One of the most popular zombie games today is Zombie Survival Outbreak. Inspired by a series of breathtaking TV shows on zombies, the games comes in a range of challenging stages. Try this series and you will love it. Faced with numerous, fierce zombies, a player are expected to survive the wrath throughout the game. To remain in the game means you must kill the zombies lest you lose the game. a player is given some weapons like a knife, grenade and a gun which he or she is expected to use in the fight. Depending on your experience, you may use a keyboard to control the game and start with certain levels. The challenges presented are dependent of the level. One can easily cheat in a certain stage. This may degrade the beauty of the game. Think of a thriller and Zombie Survival Outbreak is the game to take!

Your Favorite Bubble Pop has Become Scary!

Are you in love with Bubble Pop game? How would you feel if your Bubble Popping Game becomes little bit scary? Sounds interesting, right? Learn more about the game.
Scary Bubble pop is really very simple to play. The screen of the game is filled with white bubbles. You just have to pop the bubbles. You may ask, what’s the scary about it. Wait my dear! Some of the bubbles have monster hidden behind them. If you tap a wrong bubble a screaming monster will come out and your game will be over! So, you have to pop the bubbles very carefully.
You can play this amazing game in internet and guess what? You can play this game for Free! Will get a lot of websites where to will get scary Bubble Pop game. You will fall in love with your bubble pop game again with this new twist. So enjoy the game!

Multiple Player Zombie Game- House of Dead

Zombie Survival games are always fun to play and it becomes more enjoyable when you can play it with your friends. Zombie game can be played in multiple player mode. Learn more about the game.
House of Dead is a Zombie game that can be played by multiple players. Here you have to play the role of Thomas Rogan or Agent G. House of Dead is a Zombie game that has different installments. The game is divided into two chapters with boss battles each. You have to find the weak point of the boss that will be revealed before staring the fight. You have to complete the mission by without being killed. You can fight and kill the zombies by using the mouse.
This is an online game that can be played for free. Save the civilians and survive in the game, it’s all about the House of Dead. Enjoy the game.

You Desired Bubble Shooter -Full Screen Version!

Bubble Shooter, one of the favorite online flash games. This amazing game lacks something and that is the small screen size, right? But now there is full screen version of bubble shooter is available. Learn more about the game.
Earlier version of bubble shooter has an option of zoom but it makes the game look uncomfortable. Bubble Shooter Full Screen version disappears your inconvenience and will make your gaming experience better.
Are you thinking about the changes? Don’t worry, the game is exactly same as before, only the size has been changed. But do not take the game easily as more bubbles will come down in the continuous game.
I know some of you love to play the original Bubble Shooter which is in small version. This version is for the people those who were not satisfied with the small screen. So, whatever the version is, enjoy the Bubble Shooter!

Learn Cheat Codes and Play Raft Wars Better Than Ever Before

None of the games are easy to play ever, but when you use tricks and cheat codes it gets easier. Raft wars is a very interesting game that will get even more interesting and easier when you use cheat codes available at this link When you get to play a game with cheat codes, just imagine how easier it can get to play and all the difficult levels can be crossed without any difficulty. These are basically shortcuts to play the game in a better way. Games are just meant for fun and using cheat codes will let you play them without any kind of tensions and worries. Though the game is just limited to shooting and aiming, the limited ammo makes you restricted and cannot let you aim as many times as possible. With unlimited ammo, you can let yourself play the games for hours and enjoy yourself the most. Try using these cheat codes and you will definitely enjoy the change in the way to play.


“If you still remember how mad you can be while playing Skull Kid, now you can be madder than ever with Skull Kid 2. You can play this game at kid-2/ . Never expect your enemies will wait for you like in Skull Kid, now at the new version, all yellow-dressed enemies come from every directions, even from the air and with you alone as their target!
More madness when you know that no gun at your hand when you start the game! You need to fight them with your bare hand. Luckily if you got an enemy down, you can pick its gun and use it with unlimited bullet, but try not to dead if you still want that gun. With various guns and characters, you will get VARIOUS MADNESS AND FUN! Just a little advice, prepare your mind to be blown up before you start playing the game.

Just Enjoy with Free Bubble Shooter

Sometimes, we simply wanted to play games that really don’t require many skills. Sometimes, all we wanted to do is relax and have some fun. Sometimes, those three dimensional games simply hurt the eyes. Now, all we wanted are simple and easy games just to pass the time. The games I have in mind are the puzzle bubbles games. These are shooting games that used bubbles as its characters in the game. One example of these games is the Free Bubble Shooter game. This is a game that is made available online for free. That means that you could play this game with no cost at all. This game could be played on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You could enjoy this game anytime and anywhere. This game is just the perfect answer for that requirement. A not too tasking game that would simply give us loads of fun and excitement.

Get the Feel of the Free Bubble Shooter Game

The Free Bubble Shooter game was developed by GamesGames and was also designed for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. This is a game that is made available online for free. That means that you could play this game with no cost at all. Actually, this is really a very simple game. This is basically a shooting game. All you have to do in this game is to shoot a cluster of bubbles with the same color. As soon as these bubbles group together in color and been shot, they ignite and explode. This way, you get points for the game. So, you have to make sure that you get to shoot as many bubbles as fast as you can. However, be aware as well of the bubbles in reaching the bottom end of your screen. Well, avoid this from happening because this would mean game over for you. So, try this game now.