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A Unique Game-Skull Kid 3

Have you played any installment of Skull kid? If you haven’t played it then let’s try it for a different gaming taste. Seeing the title ‘kid’ doesn’t think that the game is for kids. There are lots of things that are not suitable for children. Learn more about the game.
Skull Kid 3 is a game where you will kill all the people come in front you. The game is very short and exciting. There is no need to spend lots of hours to complete the full game. Investing very few minutes you can complete the game. While starting the game you will have an iconic chainsaw that you have to use to kill your enemies. There will be also some other elements that you have to face. You can collect points by exploring the boxes that will come in front of you. Don’t wait, try the new game now for excitement.

An Exciting Game-Curve Ball 2

Have you ever played Pong? If you had then you might know that how interesting game it was! Curve Ball 2 is an upgraded version of the game. The game is full of fun and has the 3D display with high quality graphical view. Learn more if you are a new gamer.
Curve Ball 2 is the second and the most exciting installment of that game series. Very quickly the game has become popular over the internet. There are several levels in the game and the graphics view changes with the change of levels. The main aim of the game is gaining points. You must save the blue balls from running out otherwise you will lose points. From the starting of the game you will have three lives and you have to complete the level with the 3 lives. The game is very addicting. The second installment is much better than the first one.

Take the Right Decision in The Game of Life

The Game of Life used to be a board game and later an online version of the game has been released. The game is all about making the right decision at the right time. You one wrong decision will lead to a trouble. The trail version of the game is available for free. So, you can play it before purchasing the whole game. Once you try the trail version, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying the complete version. Visit here for details.
In the game at first you have to decide about your education. If you decide to go to college, then you have to manage the expenses of your book and education. For that you have to start a part time job. If you start your job then you will not be able to build a good career for you. Such that each time you need to take the right decision.

A Popular Zombie Game Stark Raving Ted

Action Game lovers always find the games that will full of trill, action, suspense and so on. That’s the reason of being popular of Zombie Survival games. Here, you will get what you want. Most of these online games are available to enjoy for free. If you want to learn more about it, go to any website.
There are different sorts of Zombie Survival Games. All of them have actions and thrill in their own way. Some of the popular title of them is Plant Vs. Zombie, Stark Raving Ted, Road of Dead and so on. In this piece of writing, you will get to know about the famous zombie survival game Stark Raving Ted. This game is inspired from the movie called Stark Raving Mad. Here, you need to survive. There will be a mission of the game. You have to complete it by surviving till the end.

Electric Man with Three Different Modes

Everyone wants to see himself as a hero and that’s why action games are popular where, players can defeat the opponent. By doing so, they get the heroic feeling like any action movies. Such an action online game is Electric Man. This is a kind of game, that is full of challenges and you have to beat them very quickly. If you are killed, the game is over. The game is obtainable in internet and click here to play the game now.
Before entering to the main game, customize your look according to your choice. Then select the weapons from the given list. In the game, there will be group of opponents and you have to defeat them by using the chosen weapons. You will find three different gaming modes. They are Basic, Modified and then the Advanced. These indicate the difficulty level of the game. Select the mode according to your gaming skill.

Red Beard 2: The New Chapters for the Red Beard Man

The Red Beard 2 game is a very easy game similar to Mario Bros. In this game, your main goal is to portray the role of short and stout red bearded man. Your main task as the Red Beard is to collect colored stones on every level.You should amass all the colored stones in pursuit of the golden stones. That’s not all! There is also a chance where you will meet various challenges in several chapters with full of special creations.Then, you have to direct the Red Beard man whenever he jumps from one platform to another. In that way, you can get each stone.Furthermore, you will also be given a chance to breath for five minutes when you are under the sea. However, if you did not perform this action, you will lose a life out of your three lives. That is why; collect the golden balls on all levels to win the game.

Fancy Pants Adventure 3: Get Into the New Adventure

The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 game is the third installment for the Fancy Pants Adventure series. This series was developed by Brad Borne. This version introduces water based levels and swimming. Cutie Pants, Fancy Pants’ sister will be introduced here. She has the ability to swing from ceilings using her pet cat, Kitten Kabootle. There were also new enemies introduced in this version of the game. Pirates and ninjas were also included for a longer and more complex plot. In this third installment, improved animation, backgrounds, and moves are featured. The character will no longer fall off of wall jumps, they just slide. Now, a new world and adventure of Fancy Pants awaits fanatics out there. New allies and enemies highlight this third installment of the series. Making it more fun and addicting to gamers out there. So, get in to this new adventure, try out the game for new adventure and challenge of the game you have always loved.

With Improved Sequel- Uphill Rush

Racing Games is a sort of game that will involve you in the game each moment. A single mistake can throw you out from the game Uphill Rush is that kind of racing game. There are different sequels of the game and each of them is warmly welcomed by the players. Uphill Rush 6 is not different from it. Visit and website in order to play now.
Uphill Rush is a racing game where you have to achieve highest points by collecting the stars. The game has some lacking but that won’t allow you to stop playing it. In first sequels of the game there were only two modes and a few leans. In the 2 sequel developers added more features in it. In every sequel you will notice huge improvement that that makes players waiting for the game. This game I available in internet and you can play it without any cost.

With Powerful Abilities- Effing Worm 3

Have you ever played the most thrilling game Effing Worm? If you have played, then you are familiar with the excitement of the game. After 2 successful version of the game, your favorite game has come up with its third sequel which is Effing Worm 3. I think you are excited to learn more about this game.
Like the previous version, here you have to play the role of a hungry human flesh eating worm who is looking for humans in the city. In 2nd sequel of this game we have enjoyed some graphical improvement. In third version, you will amaze by the game play of the game. Here, you can destroy the whole city. You will also be able to enjoy the new powerful abilities. Effing worm 3 is full of thrill and excitement and the extra power will make the game more fun for you.
Enjoy Effing Worm 3!

Free online hidden object games give you the opportunity to know different things about the world

When you know that your kid will get any opportunity to learn different things, while playing a game, it is proved that such games are the best source of entertainment that your kid can get. Hidden object games are such kind of games which are mostly based on educative things. Your kids will have enormous opportunity to learn about different facts of the world while they play these games. Free online hidden object games are now very much popular in now, & you can get these games in websites like Sometimes these games focus on different historical phenomenon for which your kids know different things about history step by steps while they win every level. That is why; they can memorize these things easily and get the opportunity to increase their general knowledge.