scary maze game for free

Are you looking for a game to chill you out? Download the Scary maze game and have the surprise of your life. And take notice that scary maze game is for free. You need not pay any amount of cash or use your credit card.

Scary Maze game is one of the most popular prank games you will find online. After playing the game, you can also share it with friends. And what more, it is now available for your devices. Just look for the Scary maze game app in the Play Store if you are using an Android device. And if you are using Apple, Scary Maze Game for apple devices is also available in the App Store.

There are benefits in playing Scary Maze games. First and foremost, you get to enjoy and have fun. Although relax would not be an appropriate word. Then you get to enhance your skills. The game will test your hand and eye coordination. It will also test your ability to concentrate. There is only one strict rule in playing the game. That is, never ever touch the walls of the maze. Once you touch the walls, the game is over and you will have to start al over again. As you cross each maze, you have to be in full control of your hand. You should also see your way very well. The first maze is always the easiest for having wide road. But as you level up, mazes get narrower making it hard to cross without touching the walls. And not only will you simply cross mazes. There are obstacles too that you will have to avoid or will simply try to distract your attention.

Scary Maze game is an enjoyable game which you can also share with family and friends. Be it known that the game is not recommended for persons with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

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shooting games online

Shooting games are exciting yet entertaining to play. Not only boys will love those games, even girls will surely enjoy the fun and action. So if you are fond of action games and you like Shooting games, you will find tons of shooting games online. And you will find gaming sites that offer such kind of games. There are shooting games which you can only play when you join clubs or register to the website that offers it or pay a certain fee. However, you will also find shooting games which are totally for free and are also offered in gaming sites that are also for free.

Shooting games do not only involve guns, pistols, rifles, revolver or the likes. There are Shooting games where you will use other projectile weapons such as bow and arrow, cannons, slings, dart and others. There are also games that involve your vehicle as your weapon like space games where your spaceship is also your firearm, tank games, and a lot more. You will surely find yourself being challenged by this type of games.

When you visit the site of Plimpi, you will find lots of Shooting games in the main screen. But you will be delighted to know that in Plimpi, you can search for games by genres. To find Shooting games, you simply choose Shooting in the genre menu. All Shooting games available in the site will then be displayed. Just click on your favorite game or pick among the choices. You can play all Shooting games one after the other. And do not forget to check daily for new games are added to the site every day.


You will find a lot of addicting Shooting games at Plimpi. What more, playing at Plimpi is totally free. There are no registrations needed, no cash value to pay and there is no need to create or login to any account. Games offered in this site are also free to play.

Earn To Die 2 is totally for free

The Earn To Die game series is one of the most successful zombie games online. And unlike other zombie games, there is no violence or gross scenes shown in the game. There are no foul words either. These are reasons why even children can play the game.

In the first Earn To Die game, your town was invaded by zombies. You were one of the few survivors. You saw a helicopter from afar. However, you need a vehicle to get to where the helicopter is not only because of the great distance but also because zombies are everywhere. You need to drive through these zombies to kill them. Play Earn To Die 2 for free and experience more action and adventures with zombies.


In the second edition of the game, a video showed that you have reached the helicopter just in time. Unfortunately, when it took off, hordes of zombies had taken it down. Once again, you have to think of a way to escape those horrible zombies. You can play Earn To Die 2 for free.

Finding a map, you saw a safe haven not too far. Yet, you will need a tough vehicle to drive towards that place. Just like in the first Earn To Die, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven and finish the game. You start off with the Beginner Car. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, you should upgrade your vehicle for better performance. There are several parts to upgrade in your vehicle: the engine, transmission, fuel tank, armor, wheels and boost. Upgrading these parts will make your vehicle perform better.

You cannot get to the safe haven using the Beginner car even when fully upgraded. It is inevitable to buy the second and the third vehicle. The second vehicle will not get you to your destination as well even when fully upgraded. But since it is stronger and better than your first car, it will help you earn more and get the third vehicle sooner. You can play Earn To Die 2 for free at its fan sites.

Play Duck Life 3

If you love animals and you like racing games, indulge in playing the Duck Life game series. you will surely enjoy training your duckling in various skills in the aim to win world titles. Your skills and patience will be put into test too.

It all started when a farmer lost everything to a strong tornado. Only one duck egg was left by the devastation the farmer thought of training the duckling to join the prestigious duck races in their place. His patience and perseverance paid off when his duckling won first place. He was able to restore his farm and livestock. Having a taste of winnings in the duck races, the farmer continued to train his duckling in Duck Life 2. He trained his duckling not only the skills of running, flying and swimming. He also trained it in the skill of climbing. And this time, he also conquered the world title.

In the third sequel, Duck Life 3, the farmer had somehow modified the duck eggs he is selling. It could have been due to the seeds he is feeding his ducks. These ducklings were born with natural skills. Some learns running easily, some are better in swimming, some in flying and others in climbing. And since there are no prohibitions of joining the races regarding modified ducklings, you can have your duckling join all available races or tournaments.

Train your duckling in running, swimming, flying and climbing. Collect coins as you train. Use these coins to buy seeds to feed your duckling to increase energy levels. You can also use these coins in buying apparels and even a new duck egg which you can also train. When you join races, you are allowed to change ducklings at the end of each part. There are three parts to each race. When you win first place, you unlock the next league.


As you train and join races, try to complete the Achievements too. There are ten Achievements to triumph. Take note though that achieving them gets harder as you advance. Visit to know more about Duck Life 3 Evolution and play it for free as well as the other installments.

Strike Force Heroes 3 release date

If you want to experience your adrenaline rush and you are looking for some action, you should play games like Strike Force Heroes. It is a war-like game full of action and feat. The first Strike Force Heroes was first released by Sky9 Games sometime in 2012. After its success, the game developer launched its prequel, Strike Force Heroes 2, the following year. And in 2015, the third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, went online too.


One thing good about the Strike Force Heroes game series is that they are all free to play. You do not need to pay for anything. You also do not need to create or log in into any account. So do not play it in sites that will ask you for any donations or ask you to create an account and ask information about you. If you want to experience action with Strike Force Heroes 3, just search for the game in your browser and when you see it, Click to play Strike Force Heroes 3.

Strike Force Heroes 3 is said to be the most challenging episode among the Strike Force Heroes games. It has also the most sophisticated graphics. However, if you have a slow computer, you can change the quality and effects of graphics in the settings of the game. You can also change other options in the settings like turning music and sound effects on or off. Visit its fan site and look of its icon. And if you see the icon, Click to play Strike Force Heroes 3.

There are fifty missions in Strike Force Heroes 3 to complete. Each mission has different requirements for you to win the battle. This makes the game more challenging and interesting. You will not be bored at all as you achieve different goals in every mission. Some missions will ask you to kill enemy soldiers for a number of times. Some will ask you to win first against your enemy. Some will give you time to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. Good Luck!

Games like vex

Do you enjoy playing exhilarating games? Try the Vex game series and challenge yourself to finish all games with all Achievements or Trophies collected. Help the stick figure to get through every stages while running, jumping, climbing, sliding and swimming. It will surely give you adrenaline rush as you go through all the levels passing through deadly obstacles.

Some would advise you to play the game from the last installment down to the first, so the first version would be an easy eating peanut game for you. However, it would be more fun to play from the first to the last so not to spoil the fun.

All installments begin with a Tutorial stage. In this stage, you will be familiarized with the controls of the game. You will also be given an idea of what to expect as you play. There are also checkpoints placed within every level. The game will bring you back on the last checkpoint you have run over in case you die. In the first installment, you will only go through eight Acts or levels. There is also a Credit Stage at the end of the game. In Vex 2, you will go through nine Acts. More deadly obstacles are added in this installment. In the third sequel which is also the longest, after getting through ten Acts, you have to pass through nine Challenge levels. And just like in the second installment, more lethal obstacles were scattered along your way.

In the second installment, Achievements were added for additional challenge to players. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Some of these Achievements are automatically completed as you play the game. But for some, you need to play over again while keeping in mind how to complete them. In Vex 3, Achievements were replaced by Trophies. There are forty Trophies to collect. The first few are easy to achieve. However, the higher the trophy category, the harder they are to attain.


You might find some games like Vex over the internet. Yet, the excitement and fun Vex games bring will not be surpassed by any of those. Play the game now and see for yourself.

Play Force 1

Are you fond of playing war-like games? Do you love playing as a police or soldier who is in action? If you like shooting games, Strike Force Heroes 1 is a must-try game then. Your main goal is to shoot all enemies along your path.


In Strike Force Heroes 1, before beginning the action, you will be asked to name the player and choose the soldier you prefer. There are four kinds of soldiers: the Medic, the Assassin, the Commando and the Tank. You can choose a color for each soldier. Each kind of soldier has his own statistics which includes health, critical, aim and ammo. And each soldier is better than the other in some aspects and in some game modes.

In the Main Menu, you will find the Play button, Soldiers, Options, Medals and Tips. After choosing the Play panel, you will see three game modes to choose from: Campaign Mode, Challenges and Quick Match. There are fifteen stages in the Campaign Mode. There are also fifteen stages in Challenges. It is advised that you play the Tutorial first before engaging in the Challenges. And in the Quick Match, there are five game modes to play: the Deathmatch, the Juggernaut, the Team Deathmatch, the Capture the Flag and the Domination. You can play with a family or friend in Quick Match. However, you will also be advised to take the Tutorial stage first.

There are more than sixty five weapons that you can find in the game. You will unlock a wide range of weapons every time you finish a mission. Your soldier can carry two weapons in every stage. Equip your soldier in the Soldier Menu with your ideal weapons. Aside from weapons, you will also have to unlock the Skills and Killstreaks by leveling up your soldier. There are also nine medals to collect. You will be awarded by a medal if you had performed what is being asked for.

Your soldier becomes tougher as you level up. But it would be wise to stick to one soldier as you play so you can level up faster rather than leveling up anew every soldier. Killsteaks and skills unlock once your soldier reaches the required level. Play Strike Force Heroes 1 to discover more about the game.

Cheats for red ball 4

Are you looking for an enjoyable adventure game? A game that could give you adrenalin rush but not a heart attack? Then play the Red Ball game series. Each adventure will surely give you excitement and fun.

Each installment is packed of exciting adventure. Just like in Red Ball 4 volume 1, you play as the cute Red Ball who has just found out about Black Square’s evil plans. He is planning to turn all red balls into red squares. By doing such, he will rule the world together with his black square minions. It is now your goal to stop his evil plan and at the same time rescue all those poor red balls.

Help Red Ball roll in the grassy hills and jump when needed with the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. You need to reach the end of each level where you will find a red flag. It will not be an easy journey. On your way to where Black Square is, you will face various obstacles including meeting black squares. Make sure not to be in touch with those mean black squares or else you will die. But you can jump on them instead to kill them and add points to your score. You also need to collect all the golden stars along the way to get higher score. There will be instances that you will need the rocks or wooden crates on your way to be able to jump on higher places or to jump and reach the star.

As you play, you can also earn Achievements which will boost your score. There are sixteen Achievements for you to earn. Some of these Achievements are quite hard to gain while others are rather easy. Challenge yourself to get all sixteen Achievements.


There are fifteen levels of adventure in Red Ball 4 volume 1. You have three lives to play the entire game. So, be careful not to die. But not to worry, even if you lose all three lives, you can still play from where you left off. And if you find a level or two a bit hard to surpass, you can find walkthrough and even cheats of the game in the internet. Play and enjoy the game at

Scary Maze Game App

Scary Maze Game is a popular prank game available online, which can be played on multiple platforms. The reason for its popularity is that the player can scare their friends using the game. Initially, the game was released only as a flash based model that was playable on flash player equipped browsers. However, now a pocket version of the game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Below mentioned are some of the important features of Scary Maze Game app:

  • The game maintains a decent level of surprise element due to which you are unable to realize when the game is going to scare you.
  • The maze levels are progressively difficult, which will look as if you are playing a regular maze game.
  • The great scare is planned very carefully. As soon as you are going to complete the final level, a monster appears on the screen and screams on top of his lungs.



Here are some recommendations for users who wish to trick their friends with Scary Maze app:

  • Never reveal any part of the great scare to your friends as it will make them prepared and you cannot capture their actual reactions.
  • Make sure your friends play the game with lights out and earphones on so that scare level can be maximized.

The game is available as a freeware on Android platform and requires 2.3 or greater version of Android for installation, which makes it playable even on basic android phones.

Inside Out Sadness Office Job

You probably know the amazing movie called “Inside Out” . If not , it would be a great idea to watch it as soon as possible.

Anyway, this is your chance to play with the movie characters! Join them to a wonderful adventure in the office. Can you finish the game?


Inside Out Sadness Office Job

Enjoy :)