Scary Maze Game App

Scary Maze Game is a popular prank game available online, which can be played on multiple platforms. The reason for its popularity is that the player can scare their friends using the game. Initially, the game was released only as a flash based model that was playable on flash player equipped browsers. However, now a pocket version of the game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Below mentioned are some of the important features of Scary Maze Game app:

  • The game maintains a decent level of surprise element due to which you are unable to realize when the game is going to scare you.
  • The maze levels are progressively difficult, which will look as if you are playing a regular maze game.
  • The great scare is planned very carefully. As soon as you are going to complete the final level, a monster appears on the screen and screams on top of his lungs.



Here are some recommendations for users who wish to trick their friends with Scary Maze app:

  • Never reveal any part of the great scare to your friends as it will make them prepared and you cannot capture their actual reactions.
  • Make sure your friends play the game with lights out and earphones on so that scare level can be maximized.

The game is available as a freeware on Android platform and requires 2.3 or greater version of Android for installation, which makes it playable even on basic android phones.

Inside Out Sadness Office Job

You probably know the amazing movie called “Inside Out” . If not , it would be a great idea to watch it as soon as possible.

Anyway, this is your chance to play with the movie characters! Join them to a wonderful adventure in the office. Can you finish the game?


Inside Out Sadness Office Job

Enjoy :)

Crazycle – Are you ready to have fun?!

An amazing game is available and you can play it for free :)

Use your arrow keeys to play and try to finish each level as fast as you can.

you can play the game in many sites over the web: kizi, yepi and much more.


Burger Restaurant 2-Increase Customers

Burger Restaurant 2 is the second segment of this popular game which is going to give you lots of fun. In the game really very interesting and it can help you to have awesome time. You need to upgrade your restaurant to increase the customers.
Burger Restaurant 2 is one of the most amazing game which will help you a lot to get some fun. Here you will be in need to serve the customers with the burger. You need to prepare the burger and then serve the customers. The customers are not ready to wait a long time so you need to serve them the burgers very quickly. You can play it online whenever you like and you will get the best time. It has excellent graphics and you can get lots of fun by playing this wonderful game. Try it online right now and enjoy your time the best from it.


Games Like Snail Bob-Play It Right Now Free

Are you a fan of our little hero Snail Bob and wondering around to play similar 2D puzzle games? If you are one of them, good news is that there are plenty of similar games like snail bob that you can play in your leisure time.
One of the similar games like snail bob is Snoring Winter 2. In this game you need to activate animals that serve different purposes individually. You need to find out the right sequence to activate these animals to wake up the giant elephant and complete a level.
Another interesting game is Doctor Adorn. The task is to defeat all the angry boars and get the acorn. To do this you need to solve few puzzles and make through the path to the acorn. According to your performance you can get three awards from gold to bronze. We hope you will nejoy these two games when you finish all the levels of Snail Bob.


Plazma Burst 3-Kill Enemies

People who wants to play action games has heard the name of Plazma Burst 3 of It’s the 3rd of Plazma Burst franchise. The game is very popular in the internet. People of different ages play this addictive game. Once you get the fun then there is no turning back from this amazing game.
The game is action in nature but it seems like you are playing in a different planet. The sci-fi graphics is very tantalizing. Before you play the game you should know this is no ordinary game. Even the easy mode of 3 difficulty mode is a bit tough. So, you need to keep focused and spare all skills to survive in the game. Throughout the game you can collets some items and equip to face the increased difficulty. The campaign mode is very interesting but if you want to play multiplayer there is also that option in this game.


Golf Jam-Enjoy Golf Game

Golf Jam is a wonderful game which is free for playing and you will have lots of fun from this game. In this online game your task is to get the real interest of golf. If you want to have some fun of golf you can play this game.
Golf Jam is completely free to play and you will have very nice time with this flash game. The game is completely free to play and when you will play it you will enjoy this one really a lot. The game is completely free to play and you will be able to pass exciting time with this free flash game that you must not miss at all. You will enjoy the entire game if you play it carefully. You must not miss the opportunity to play and enjoy this great game and you will have real fun. You can now play it online and you will have some fun.


Do you know JellyDad Hero ?

JellyDad Hero Is an amazing game which is very similar to Snail Bob  :)

You can play it in hopy, silvargames and many other websites.

Can you finish all 30 levels?



Play Now Game of Life Online

Do you want to feel the real challenge of life in online game? You can play Game of Life Online which will help you to get the real challenge of life. You have to build your own city by purchasing lands and constructing other income sources.
Game of Life Online is a free game that is available for free and it can give you great time. You have to create your own city and it can give you lots of fun. You will feel the financial problems in this game. If you face financial crisis you have to overcome and continue building your city. It helps you to realize what can happen to real life if you face financial problem. The graphics of this game is really awesome and you will enjoy your time a lot with it. You can play it online and there is no need to download it. Your internet speed should be fast enough to load the game in time.

Enjoy this game and play together with friends and family.

Spongebob Dress Up-Nice Game

Spongebob Dress Up is a wonderful online game which is a good one for the girls. You have to dress up the character and make it beautiful matching the dresses. You have to use the best skill to decorate the character and it will give you the fun and time passing factor.
Spongebob Dress Up offers you different dresses and you have to choose the best clothes to decorate the character. Dressing the character depends upon you. You have to choose the clothes you want and you have to decorate the character. Whenever you want you can play this free game and it will give you lots of fun. It is a good game that has awesome graphics and obviously you will love your time with it. It is a free one so you can play it as long as you want without paying any money. Play it online and enjoy your time.